Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer is never complete without

A good "truck stuck in the mud" story. That's right folks after 2 years of living on the farm we have successfully gotten every vehicle we have owned stuck in the mud at some point during the summer. This summer the truck is stuck in the ditch by the highway as a couple of our calves decided to take the scenic route to get back home. Dh and Ar got them rounded up and back home, in the mean time a passerby (must have been a city dweller) panicked and called 911 thinking there had been an accident.

You can just imagine Dh's surprise when 3 sheriffs showed up to check out the accident, lol. They made sure he hadn't been drinking and no one was hurt, then had to call off the ambulance and fire truck. On the upside, it's nice to know that we have such a great response time out here, lol :)

It all worked out to be for the best, God has a very funny sense of humor, I had parked my car earlier that evening at DH's job and we took the truck to Wichita. We were tired so we came straight home, which is when DH discovered the calves we loose. A co-worker picked Dh up for work and he was able to get the car home :) All's well that ends well :)

To answer a few questions I've gotten on the living room remodel: yes this was a DIY project, my sis, her hubby, my mom, AR and DH worked for 2 days painting and getting the floor done. The week before DH and the kids got the carpet up and the tack strip and staples removed. Curtains are still in progress and furniture is tbd :) The black ceiling fans will be replaced with white, likely from another room in the house as we have many.

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