Monday, March 28, 2011

Hi all

Well there really hasn't been much to tell, we are remodeling the bathroom . . . finally.  The new sub-floor went down today.  We will lay the new vinyl flooring tomorrow or the next day.  I am really excited to get this project completed and then begin on the new dining room table and the kitchen flooring. :)  We have cut back on most of the farm project this year but will be back to more farm business soon.  

I have been working on weight loss (yes I know, it's a perpetual thing).  I got an elliptical 6 weeks ago and it has been wonderful.  I have tried to use it daily and thus far I have lost 15pounds.  My endurance has been steadily building and I feel great.  When I began I was not able to do it for long, 2 minutes to be exact.  A dear friend had encouraged me not to worry about that but to just keep at it, I am now at 20minutes a day (with a short break in between).  I have continued eating the way I had toward the end of my pregnancy and I really do not feel starved or deprived.  I am really looking forward to getting to my goal weight :)  It helps to have some accountability though so I am glad to have the ladies on my facebook group. :)

JM is doing wonderfully, he has more than doubled his birth weight.  He passed his hearing evaluation.  He loves to roll and is working really hard to sit up on his own.  He is such a great baby, I can tell he'll be a mischievous little guy but aren't they all, lol.  GH is talking so much now and adores her baby brother, it's hard to believe she'll be 2 soon.  IL is learning to write her name and continues to blow us away with how quick she learns things.  SM is an amazing big brother, so loving and kind; yet ornery all at the same time, lol.  He reminds me so much of AR.  EE shocked me the other morning by changing the baby's diaper and clothes, I didn't realize she was that good.  I am really pleased with the progress she is making at school. HG is such a wonderful helper, I am so excited to see her blossom into such a great young lady.  AR is spreading his wings and enjoying life as a new teen.  I am glad his old friends from the city remember him and he is really having a blast reconnecting with them.  I foresee many trips to the city this summer, lol.

Well I guess you're all caught up.  The cows made their first escape of the season but it was short lived.  The garage site is slowly being cleaned up thanks to scrap collectors.  Well I'll stop rambling and update again soon :)


Tracy said...

15 pounds! Wow -- that is awesome! I wish I could get motivated again to lose weight. I know I really need to; and many times I really WANT to.... then I get hungry :) I think I will work on that again soon - now that we have a freezer full of BEEF! :) (I find high protein, low carb works best for a carb addict like me)

Janelle said...

Thanks Tracy :) I find high protein, low processed carb and high fiber is my ideal way of eating :)