Friday, March 11, 2011

Vehicles et al

We took the van in and the transmission was out of fluid, the radiator has begun to leak again, so looks like it will need to go back this week.  Thankfully it got the cows to market and almost all the way back home again.  

The car went in as there was a short in the wiring and the tail lights kept blowing the fuse.  That was fixed over the course of 2 days as the mechanic was busy, so he got us back the lights but disconnected the rear wiper.  The next day he finished, though he had to take a look at it twice as he ignored the spark the first time and that shorted out another fuse while dh was driving home.

As for the truck, it sits as a great blockade for the back barn doors.  Though we will not have much need for it as all the big cows are almost gone.  Dolly goes to the butcher in June and we will pick up the ground beef to sell at the end of March.  

On a side note: the old garage spot has slowly been getting cleaned out, thanks to the metal haulers.  It is amazing how many people will randomly come to your home to ask if they can have your scrap metal after a fire.  In the meantime I still need to find someone to replace the siding and a bunch of other little jobs.  So much to do, so little time and money, oh well, that's the story of our lives, lol.

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