Friday, March 4, 2011

The rest of the story

As you know we had a fire, no dh didn't start it or let it get out of control, it was purely an electrical fire that started in our garage.  

I got a message from a wonderful friend asking if they could come visit, now if you know me then you know I don't do short notice visits, but they're like family so we made an exception.  After getting dressed dh and I were picking up the living room when we noticed a van coming in our yard, the person appeared to be asking directions as an electric company vehicle pulled up right behind her.  We continued about our business as she drove off.  Then I noticed that he was getting out of his truck and coming up to the house.  Dh went to meet him and I went to check on the children.

HG was in the bathroom and she called out saying that there was no water.  That was odd, so I walked over to check it out.  Then the light went out, we thought maybe the bulb had blown.  I looked down the hall and noticed that the microwave was also off.  It's at that moment that you start thinking . . . did I pay the electric bill this month?  Yup, I did . . . hmm, oh well.  

Dh came rushing into the house and was screaming for us to all get out of the house.  He wouldn't explain, but it was obvious that something was very wrong so we picked up the little ones and headed to the van.  As we were walking out I asked if the house was on fire, he said, "not yet". O.O  

As I rounded the corner the entire roof of the garage was on fire and within moments we heard a loud crashing sound.  Our friends arrived as we were loading up in the van.  The police came and directed us to move the vehicles to the front of the corrals.  It was hot I remember feeling the heat from by the road.  Everyone became concerned about the propane tank as it is right in front of the garage.  The fire raged on and the fire department still hadn't arrived.  The metal sides of the building glowed and the building began to fall.

We stood by the corrals watching and waiting, the trucks finally made it and the guys got right to work.  They focused on the propane tank and then the building. It was amazing to see them work they did an excellent job.  A truck stopped near the corrals and the occupants sat looking at the fire and finally one of the women came and introduced herself, she was the former owner's ex-wife.  She stayed a while longer and took several pictures.

Then a second truck came hurrying by and up the drive to the fire trucks.  Two women got out and brought a cooler for the guys, I mused that they were probably the fire pep squad.  The fire was pretty much out and dh had been chatting with the police and the fire chief and was able to bring us news of the fire.  Soon we would be able to get back into the house.

The guy from the electric company cut the line that used to run to the garage and informed dh that we would need an electrician to run a line to the well.  I was surprised that the electric company didn't do that but dh called the first electrician that he could find and he said he would be out right away.  We got the ok and went into the house with our friends, it was such a blessing to have them here during this ordeal.  

Especially when we got the call from the insurance company letting us know that the garage was an out building and therefore not covered.  I was heartbroken.  Since there was some damage to the back of the house they would still need to send an adjuster though.  Once we said our good byes, I got a chance to see the back of the house which had melted.  

The electrician was able to get the well hook up done in 2 days and we were very thankful.  He was such a blessing.  We are very touched by the out pouring of prayer we received from everyone.  Thank you all.  We appreciate your continued prayers.


Tracy said...

"the fire pep squad" -- I love that.
I used to serve on the local volunteer fire & ems department for the small town near me. And that was exactly right - we on the EMS squad (and the spouses of the firefighters) had the job of bringing drinks, food and whatever else the firefighters needed (to keep hydrated and healthy) while they fought the fire. I love the 'brotherhood' of this action -- but had never heard it called a Pep Squad. But I think I will call it that from now on!

Sorry that it wasn't covered by insurance - hopefully if they pay out some of the damage to the house, it will help you have enough to also replace some of the garage stuff.

We have no insurance at all, so if our house was to go up in smoke, we will start over from nill (and that can be done). I'm thanking God it was not your house.

Kansas Mom said...

I'm glad having us there was helpful. We are so thankful all the people and animals were safe! We are still praying for you.

Phelan said...

So sorry to hear about that Glad it wasn't worse.