Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cold weather and farm animals

One of the best features of this property was the outbuildings, I cannot tell you just how much I love them. The HUGE barn is technically 2 as it is divided into 2 distinct sections. The pigs live on the small side with access to an outdoor pen and the cows live in the large section. The barn is such a nice warm place to come out of the cold/freezing wind that can come with cold weather. Tonight they are predicting a storm with several inches of snow, I am not too worried as my animals are nice an cozy in the barn, including the barn chickens that roost in the warmth of the barn on the high perches. The Coop birds have a cozy set up right now as we have some doors blocking all the wind from them. We also pack it on the inside with hay so that they can snuggle :) Since the cows tend to have some hay waste (stuff they wont eat really), this provides a great source of hay for the coop. As for us mere mortals, we have gotten our firewood cut and ready for the next few days. Stay warm everyone. :)

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