Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Training a cow to milk

You might remember that a few months ago after we sold the dexters we bought a jersey, Buttercup. She was a pretty little thing, just 2 year old and she was bred to Lot. (Because the guy who sold her to us totally lied and said she was already bred, no matter we keep a bull on hand to take care of such things, lol). Anyway, she was raised with a beef herd and was wild. When the cows would get out the others were easily corralled but she would run like a stallion, wild and free. It was infuriating. :)

As time has gone by, and we have kept her from areas that she could escape, she has tamed considerably. I mentioned that we have begun to work with her by running her into the stanchion. Initially she was rather bothered by this as she was not used to being handled, but in the last few days she has come to find that there are great treats in the bucket and is not nearly as bothered. The thing I really like is that she has never kicked when touched. She stands steady and unflinching, she is going to make a great family milk cow.

Don't get me wrong, we are far from done with breaking her at this point as it's one thing to get a heifer in a stanchion, it is a whole other thing after she gives birth. This process is necessary so that she become comfortable now, and hopefully will continue to be comfortable after. I'll keep you posted as this is our first time having to train a cow to milk.

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