Friday, January 29, 2010

She walked in without a fight

This morning Buttercup walked into the stanchion without any struggle. My girls has come to like the place :) Treva is not so thrilled about having to share the stanchion with Buttercup and initially we had to have her next to it while Buttercup was in, but she stood nicely for us to milk her, completely untied. I am very pleased with both girls.

Eva is no longer on the teat, she is not thrilled as you might imagine. Treva was not too thrilled with the new arrangement but seems to be taking it in stride.

The storm brought the cows lots of snow to lick, a good thing since the pipe is frozen and we would have to bring water from the well house. The cows are rather smart and were not phased by this development. Even the pigs are eating the snow. :)

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