Sunday, March 7, 2010

In a surprise turn of events

We had planned on selling Buttercup, though we were not actively committed to that end. A potential buyer emailed us and we agreed for him to come out and look at her, well sure enough we got an email this morning saying that he found another cow yesterday. I was a little disappointed but no problem. A few minutes later I got a call from someone asking about Treva, it seemed really odd since we had not advertised her yet he knew all her information. I eventually asked, "who are you?", "have I met you?" He explained that he had placed an ad on craigslist some time ago, then it clicked. I had read an ad of someone looking for a gentle milk cow and I called. The guy told me that the price was a bit more than they had wanted to spend so I said ok and didn't bother. Anyway, he wanted to come see her and he picked the same time that the other buyer was supposed to come out. He and his wife came and met Treva, who was not too thrilled to meet new people but was much better once she was out of the Angus cows way, they have been giving her the evil eye. Anyway, they poked and prodded and tugged and petted (a very good idea when looking at a cow that is supposed to be gentle). Finally they said good bye and we figured we would never hear from them again. Well they called to say that they want her, she is as gentle as ever and just what they've been looking for. They didn't even try to get the price lower, she's quite a bargain even at that price. :) We will miss our girl but it will be nice for her to be an only cow, where she can be spoiled with all the things her little cow heart desires :)

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