Friday, March 19, 2010

Picky eater

Well Mag had once again decided that she is not interested in the feed combo that we have and have all but refused it. We called the previous owner and found out a bit more about what he has, our co-op does a similar mix (sold by the ton however). We decided to just bite the bullet and order a ton. Thank goodness we have the 2 grain bins. :)

UPDATE: SHE LOVED IT!!! She licked her bucket clean, YAY!!!

The chicks are living in a 250 gallon water trough, we had bought 2 for the cows. The seem to like it just fine and there are 2 heat lamps to keep them warm. They are adjusting nicely to their new digs and aren't dropping like flies any more.

We got the Udderly EZ milker to try out with Mag and I must say that it has been a real disappointment :( DH hasn't been able to get a single drop of milk in the thing. Looks like we will just have to go a different route on this.

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