Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The new fence is up :)

I am so happy that we finally got the fence put up. We had a guy come out and hook an electric fence around the majority of the property, so that the 2 pastures would be connected. Finally the animals will have use of the east pasture and the pole barn :) All of the cows were excited by their new found freedom, they began to jump and run and play. The ground wire was initially unhooked and the calves got out but dh was able to round them back up and fix it without a problem. We got a great charger from a farm out by Wichita. This should allow us to pace the cow on the hay they use over the next few weeks :) We have calves due soon, so it will be exciting to have them around.

Most of the chicks survived the trip, we were surprised that 100 chicks come in such a small package. Well I took pics, so I will post them soon. It will be nice to see how many girls we get in the bunch :)

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