Saturday, April 17, 2010

The broody hen

About a week ago we had a huge pile of eggs in the barn freezer so I asked Dh to put so hay on them and allow one of the hens to sit on them. Sure enough we got a volunteer :) The beautiful buff orpington has been setting on "her" eggs since then and Dh takes her food and water. We went to check for other eggs and sure enough the other chickens are laying next to her, lol. There are a few hens laying on the ground behind the freezer so Dh went to check, to his surprise there was another hen laying on some eggs. He reached around her to get the other eggs only to find that she was stiff, we have no idea how long she had been there :( We are keeping an eye on our other broody girl, we have no intention of loosing her, and are very interested to see how many eggs will hatch :)

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Diane-Sage said...

Broody hens can be very fun to watch but can also be very demanding to take care of. LOL it will be a very "broody" time for you all. Good luck eh?