Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well hello Dolly

Dolly our Hereford gave birth yesterday to a beautiful red heifer. Mother and baby are doing wonderful, Dolly doesn't even mind us coming around the baby. The girl is to be called Baby Doll :) Dolly has wonderful long teats, that looks so full, lol. LJ is excited to have some more company around his size :)

Pickle should go any day now, her udder is so tight that the teats look like nubs on the end. We are of course hoping for a heifer but have chosen names for either sex just in case, Gherkin for a girl, Vlasik for a boy, LOL!!!

This development means that we will have to get Quinn to the butcher in the next couple weeks, as we do not want him to breed back our beef cows. Hopefully he has bred Buttercup by now, we will know soon enough.

DH started his new job yesterday, we were blessed to have a dear friend to watch the kids as they can only train him on the morning shift. Work is winding down for me, though there may still be work past the 15th, I am excited at the possibility as it means I may be able to get the Angus bull I need ;)

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Kelle said...

Oh, thank you for sharing your pictures, we're waiting for our Dexter, Addy, to freshen on or around the 30th of this month.

BTW LOVE your names for Pickles calf! Enjoy them and be looking for our news and pictures.