Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chatting with PW

Barnes and Nobles hosted a "Meet Ree Drummond" chat on facebook tonight and it was incredible. First of all, the "chat" was actually done via the discussion board and so it was impossible for her to answer questions as they were coming, so there was a bit of a lag. That is to be expected and believe me she had a HUGE undertaking. There were so many questions being asked in such a short period of time I could hardly keep up. She must have a killer refresh rate on her computer. She was very funny, as always and a pleasure to spend the time with. She even answered one of my questions, let me tell ya that felt like a big accomplishment. LOL!!! I doubt her book tour will make it to Wichita or Ponca City, so I'll have to catch her Stillwater book signing. If you are one of the few people who haven't heard of PW, take some time to visit her website. I promise there is something for everyone.

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Tracy said...

Yes - she is amazing! I love her web site -- but has no idea where she finds the time to keep it up as much as she does! I can barely find time to blog once every few weeks!