Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

He is risen! On this beautiful spring day we are thankful. The children enjoyed the local easter egg hunt this weekend, though I have ached too much to get out and about. The weather has been really lovely, we have opened the windows and let the cool breezes sweep through the house. A pretty yellow adorns the trees at the front of the house and the green replaces the brown all over the yard and fields.

Yesterday Quinn mysteriously got out and got all bully :( He snorted, banged his head and horns into the telephone pole and pawed the ground menacingly at Dh and the truck. He was eventually rounded up, but not before making his way to the house and mooing at the kids and I through picture window. He is officially 2 now so it is a bit to be expected as he is half jersey. I had hoped to keep him till Mag calved but it looks like he will be off to the freezer sooner. I will call the locker on Monday and see when I can get him in.


Lynnie said...


Lynnie said...

Happy Easter!