Sunday, April 11, 2010


The nice part about doing taxes in a small farming town is that you gt to talk to lots of farmers. Today I was explaining the challenges I was having trying to find someone to seed my pasture, given that every farm around me is so huge. It is amazing how many acres these families are in control of, but I digress. Mr Farmer asked about the number of cows I had, then scratched his head. He had 2 suggestions: 1. in February go out and broadcast the seed during the time that the soil is warming and cooling continually, and 2. go out and broadcast some seed now and then run the cows over the area so that they can plant it for me. :) I really like this guy, I may have to pick his brain again in future. :)

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Kelle said...

That farmer sounded like someone you want to keep close at hand, for future tips. What a blessing some can be and not even realize it. ;o)