Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok so I was going to do this long tutorial of how I made butter last night but then I got tired and fell asleep. :) Sorry. Then I was going to do it over again today, but then I was tired and didn't get around to it. So it's on my list for tomorrow. In the mean time, I figured I'd just tell you about my butter story :)

Having looked at a bunch of butter churns I came to 1 conclusion, they are so expensive!! So I looked and thought and looked some more and since I have jars similar to the churn I began to really think about how to accomplish the same results.

Finally I decided to try using the electric hand mixer. The Cream was thick as I scooped* it off the top of the 2 day old milk. I returned it to the fridge so that the jar would also be cold. (Actually I went to milk the cow). When I returned the kids and I were eager to try this experiment. *NOTE: Jar should only be half filled with cream.

I put the mixer on high and watched as the cream thickened, I was excited. At the point it became solid I stopped the mixer, dh announced "you made whipped cream". I was bummed :( Since they were so excited by the whipped cream I had him get the vanilla and sugar and continued to mix them in, at that point I noticed that the whipped cream had denatured and instantly I recognised the fatty blogs, I got butter. YAY!!! Of course I was now bummed to realise that it was sweet vanilla butter but dh and the kids decided they liked it and so I felt better. We still had another jar of cream anyway and now I knew that butter is the point past whipped cream.

The cream we got off those 2 gallons of milk produced a pound of butter 1/2 sweet and 1/2 salted and let me just say that there is nothing better than home-made butter on toast. :) Tomorrow when I do the pictorial I may consider exploring the wonderful world of honey butter or maybe and herb butter :) I'm up for suggestions.


skj said...

Janelle, your pictures of making butter remind me of my grandma making butter in her washing machine. The old Maytag had a churn that would fit into the tub. You would take out the dasher, set the churn in the tub, and the machine would run the churn to make the butter. For years I would tell people about this and sometimes they looked at me like I was crazy, and I began to wonder if I remembered it correctly. Then a few years ago I saw one of those old Maytags with the churn in it, and it was just as I remembered. If you happen to come across one of those, it would be just the thing to use with your little herd. Maybe bring in a few bucks selling butter?

Janelle said...

That is amazing, I have never heard of that but I sure will keep a look out at the antique store in town.