Thursday, October 9, 2008


We got the pigs out and have since cremated them and my only real lesson on this subject is, if you ever have to pull dead pigs out of mud, make sure you have some rope handy.

On a happier (a very relative term) note, dh discovered that it is not a good idea to be napping with a curious toddler around. Our little guy got a hold of some safety scissors and gave daddy a little "hair cut", lol. He now adamantly denies any knowledge of the incident, he will make an awesome spy. :)

Treva is a very happy milker now that she have figured out the pay for performance deal, she eagarl moos at us when it is time to be milked and even willingly goes into her stanchion and puts her head through the gate and waits, lol. :)

I am amazed how small the dexter cows look next to Treva. I know what you're thinking, but while I know they are a small breed, Jersey's aren't exactly a large breed. In fact jersey cows settle around the same weight range as a Dexter cow. I can see now why people thought we had calves or why people mistakedly call the Dexter's minitures.

We're considering dehorning all our animals. Having Treva around we found that we really do prefer no horns. I will probably only get polled animals if I buy more as I don't know how I will feel about this whole dehorning process. Not to mention it will make training our Dexter cows to stand in the stanchion a lot easier. As it is their horns are too wide to go straight through, and while they can turn their head, we'd prefer not to have that particular fight too.

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