Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pitter Patter and little nippers

Dh saw an ad on craigslist for some free 3/4 border collie 1/4 red heeler puppies. He showed me the pics of the available puppies and I instantly loved the top two pictured. It turned out that it was early enough to call so he did, the guy was very nice and explained that he only had 2 left. Dh asked which two and wouldn't you know it, it was the two I wanted :) He was apprehensive about holding a puppy for 2 days since our respective schedules weren't able to match up for the next day but once dh explained that we wanted both he immediately agreed and removed the ad. The puppies were coming from a really tiny town east of burn,ks and the owner offered to bring them to burns to a little place called the soda pop hair shop. Dh was so amused by how small the town was, in fact the soda pop hair shop was closed that day as the owner had a cold.

Our only concern was Sammy, he has never really liked other dogs or animals for that matter. The moment dh got the puppies into Sammy's old cage, he was immediately sad. He wanted so badly to be in with them, lol. Once we got home it was as if they had always been together :) He is like the uncle that looks over them for now, but it won't be too long before they are much bigger than him. He is working quickly to establish his authority now, lol :)

The kids are in love with the puppies and would carry them around all day if we'd let them. They don't like sleeping in their cage at night and can be found snuggled next the AR or dh. They do sleep quite a bit still but that's understandable they are only 6 weeks old. They love the fresh milk. They seem to be trying to herd Sammy by nipping at this ears and heels. It is so funny to watch them all play, there are times it looks like they are being tickled.

Ah the pitter patter of little nippers :) Oh, we named them Sugar and Spice. The previous owners told dh that they had been calling one sugar so we decided to stick with it, especially since the other was a beautiful spice color. The black and white looks like the traditional border collie (freckles and all), the other which has 1 hazel eye and 1 blue eye, has a beautiful tan color instead of black, and is tan and white. Pics are coming, as soon as I figure out what the kids did to the camera.

We hope to train the puppies to herd the cows and bring them up from the pasture and move them, when we need to, from one pasture to another etc. Their genetics should help a little ;)


Kansas Mom said...

How wonderful it will be when the dogs can round up those cows for you!

I was tempted by a puppy a few weeks ago but decided we just weren't ready for an animal yet. Kansas Dad wants to put an electric fence along the highway side of our property before we get a dog (or an invisible one) and that's far far far down the list.

gingela5 said...

Ohh I love puppies! Those seem like they'll be perfect with cows! I came here by way of Pioneer Woman!