Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Journey to baby #6: Part 3

UGH!! I haven't been feeling very well lately though I haven't had horrible morning sickness. I have been a combination of exhausted and hungry. An odd combination to be sure, it seem like I am always hungry and if I don't submit to the demands of my stomach I will pay a hefty price. Frankly it seems ridiculous. Anyway I haven't been able to help dh with the milking lately and now my poor Treva has developed Mastitis in 1 quarter. :( Dh went to the coop and the guy sold him some penicillin g benzathine. Now dh has to inject this into my poor Treva (who is understandably not a happy camper right now) and add an extra milking to his routine :( All of the milk is discarded. I will be thankful when the 2nd trimester rolls around and I feel like less of a prisoner.

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Raisingarrows said...

Think of it as a time to eat whatever you feel like eating. Sleep and food...two of my favorite things! lol