Sunday, October 5, 2008

Taking their act on the road

I was in the midst of a great nap when the children came screaming, the north wind had blown through the barn and pushing out the back doors:( The cows were happily exploring the east side of the property. Not that I blame them mind you, there is some awesome grass over there. There was no fear in their eyes as they ran off onto my neighbors field. At that point they must have forgot that I am the least tolerant person when it comes to wayward cows. I jumped into the expedition and began to round them up, I must have herded cattle in a previous life. There was a lot of dust kicked up (thank God it's been dry lately). They ran at full speed around the property, finally deciding that they were better off on the property they went through the trees, feasting on the grass. This went on for a while as they ran back out a few more times:( Finally Dh had gotten all but Christmas and Sweetiepie in and I ran them around a while longer, then just as I thought we were done and they were going to go in, I noticed that Marion and the others were slipping out the back once again :( Enraged I charged them head on and dh opened the back doors and we were able to run them in. Dh and I then fixed the back doors, securing then with more bricks.


Kansas Mom said...

It's been crazy windy here, too. I wouldn't be surprised if part of our outbuilding blew off (and not too disappointed, either, as we'd use the insurance money to build a smaller but complete shed for some much needed outdoor-stuff storage).

We did lose the piece of siding the previous owner had "fixed". That guy is not a favorite around here.

Anonymous said...

You go Farm girl!! Love your butter story...cant wait for more life on the Farm episodes-