Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The lesser of two evils

I was reading this thing and the guy nicely pointed out that the lesser of two evils is still evil. Funny how you never really think about that :( So this election (as with all elections) we must once again choose the lessor of the two evils presented to us. So I started looking at things the candidates had to say and more importantly to see what their priority would be when taking office.

I really wanted to give a full length clip but the one posted by the Obama Camp conveniently neglected to include the question and answer portion of this evening. I think it is important to really read the Freedom of Choice Act (so nicely named) to really understand what he just claimed as his first priority. Here is the shortened Wikipedia version . I'm still looking for McCain's priority, but I'm guessing what ever it is, it's not an attempt to get me to pay for abortions for all, nor forcing hospitals with religious affiliations to provide services that are in moral contradiction to their beliefs. It's funny how the "freedom of choice" winds up being the mandate of their views and policies on others who don't believe the same. (I know what you're thinking, how ironic). So here is my issue with abortion in a nutshell, the basic laws of science tell us that for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. The Bible tells us that actions have consequences. (the two are the same principle by the way). Abortion is an attempt to destroy the consequences of ones actions while pretending that that very action produces no consequences of it's own. In Obama's speech (the long version) he claims that the big medical boards etc say that there is no evidence of psychological harm to women who choose to have abortions. Hmmm, I found that to be interesting so I went looking for more information and found this, I thought it fascinating that the APA has withdrawn this claim but Mr Obama seems to have missed that memo, or maybe it's that the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology refuse to stop making this false statement as it doesn't serve their interests. To be fair though, I knew they were not about serving my interests when I educated myself on home birthing.

So can we find common ground? Is there some way for me to look at the big picture that I'm being accused of not seeing? Let's see. I agree I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as my sons. Wait, that has nothing to do with abortion, hmmm. Or maybe what he means is that because the girls have the babies they are the ones stuck. A great point, so are we saying therefore that instead of holding our men accountable for the choices they participate in making we want to go ahead and murder the consequence of that choice because our daughters weren't strong enough to say no? Oops I'm sorry, I meant that they made the wrong choice, so basically, boy makes wrong choice (off the hook, no call for accountability), girl makes wrong choice (off the hook, free to try again + whatever psychological issues that accompany this choice), baby made no choice (murdered). I remember my mother used to say to me that 2 wrongs don't equal a right, I guess 3 wrongs must.

Have you noticed that the organization is called planned parenthood, but they don't assist with planning of a family, only destroying it? They offer no prenatal services, no child care programs for lower income, nothing by way of planning for life, only death. I decided to read their website and was impressed that they finally added things about pregnancy: Considering Pregnancy and Pre-pregnancy health. I decided then and there I was definitely not ready to have children (oh, right I already have some lol). Let me just say that that was the most depressing read on examining ones readiness for a child. Here is what they had to say concerning "thinking about parenting" How did abortion become an option for those thinking about parenting? I love the warning against crisis pregnancy centers, funny, since I have never heard of anyone getting counseled to keep a baby, be if to have it adopted or to raise, that has entered a planned parenthood establishment. I guess there is no where for a confused newly pregnant person to turn for good advice.

I know I know I digressed big time from Obama to planned parenthood, but since he seems to be in bed with them I figured you wouldn't mind :) If you did, come back tomorrow when I am no longer on my soap box. Now, on to the socialized medicine plan, there is not a single developed nation or developing for that matter that has been successful with socialized medicine. In fact in a real emergency, most attempt to come to the US for diagnosis and treatment. I'm not saying that nothing should be done, I'm just saying that won't work.

Also, how can you expect people to believe that taxes will be lowered when the public must bear the cost of the programs? The cost of healthcare and the additional costs associated with insurance having to cover elective abortions etc, how will that lower my tax bill again? Oh that's right, I forgot it is a complete socialist type system we're striving for "redistribution of wealth", I am part of the middle class and I have been part of the poor, and let me just say that I do not approve that message. There is nothing wrong with working hard to get the things that you need, want/desire. He talks about his grandmother and his mother and he does them no justice by using their life's work as an excuse to offer a handout paid on the backs of people like them who have made good lives for themselves.

So on to McCain, what is the deal with this guy, I mean seriously. When he was just that guy no one thought would win, I really started to like him. Then he became the obvious choice and I didn't appreciate his back peddling. I mean, he talks so much about being a Maverick and stuff and now he sounds more like a puppet. I want to yell, DUDE GROW A PAIR ALREADY!!! Sorry. What is it with elections that make leaders lose their soul. :( The truth is while I don't like John McCain, I don't have any specific issues with his policies or his stances on the issues. I just wish he didn't have to talk so much, or maybe it is that I wish he didn't have so many badly written speeches. He was fine on his own, a bit off color in his humor but I am ok with that imperfection (I figure it's part of the political incorrectness of age, lol).


Gizmo said...

Since Obama's been in bed with them for so long, do you know what he would've named the child - if he had chose to raise it??? SATAN

I completely agree with your view about the candidates. Yep, I'd have to take the still evil.....

Thanks for saying it.
I have been enjoying you blog for only a short time now, but hope it turns into quite a long time. :)

Sunny Optimist said...

Was John McCain a socialist back in 2000? McCain opposed Bush's tax reductions when they were proposed because he said "I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who need tax relief." Now he wants to extend them and argues that anything else amounts to a tax increase. Please discuss.

Janelle said...

gizmo, welcome and thanks for your comment. I hope you will keep coming back :)

sunny optimist, you may remember that when I started this piece I began by saying that an election is about the lesser of two evils. While I do not agree with McCain's 2001 and 2003 vote against the tax cuts, he later went one to vote to extend them in.

"... on May 11, 2006, McCain sided with the president by voting for an extension of the tax cuts. On NBC's "Meet the Press," he said the reason for the change was that "the economy had adjusted - the tax cuts were there." He went on to say that voting against the extension would have been "tantamount to a tax increase."

I am not sure why his statement would be construed as socailist, my comments on socialism in regard to Mr Obama have nothing to do with his tax plan. In fact I take issue with Mr Obama for telling Americans that he is going to lower their taxes, while in the same breath proposing packages that would force an increase in the amount of tax they pay.

momma read said...

Well, it's good to see people getting the lesser of two evils, is still evil! thank you for posting on this. As a Christian, I do not feel like God would agree with voting for the "lesser of the evils", in fact I think that it saddens His heart to see us settle for any evil, and to expect His Blessings from it.
That said I think if American's want to save our Free America, they best stop letting our vote be guided by the press and those whom control the press. Both "main" candidates are members of the CFR, which is pushing hard for a NAU (North American Union) to have our President be behind joining Canada, America, and Mexico into one county is going to effect way more than abortion, and gay rights! So my family is voting to save America. We are voting for Chuck Baldwin and other candidates in the Constitution Party! I hope you will check this out. It's a Party that would make God proud. God will pour blessings on us when we turn to His way. Evil, lying, and sneaking is never in God's plan. And that is what we see from the Demo. and the Republic Party
*McCain voted for embryonic stem cell research and also has voted for others who support abortion. I do not think he is the "unborns" friend.
that's my 2 cent on the matter, hope you don't mind!

Mrs.Kenneth said...

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