Monday, December 15, 2008

I want a do over!!

This weekend was . . . so many words come to mind, but dreadful probably sums it up best. The winds picked up early Saturday morning and took with it 1/3 of the siding on my house :( The pieces were left littered all through the yard. (The adjuster will be contacting us soon). In the midst of all the commotion we didn't realise that we had also lost power, i.e. no heat. Thank God for the fireplace, dh and AR went to gather fire wood (nicely littered through the yard thanks to the great winds).
Just after we got it all nice and started we wandered the living room looking at the work that lay ahead, we are re-painting the room. Imagine our surprise when we hear a knock at our door (front door no less). He was very soft spoken and you could tell he was broken up about the whole thing, he had run over our Sugar. He thought for sure he'd also hit Sammy but he was safe and sound in the yard when we looked out. The kids took it really hard, they were looking out the window before dh got back to tell us the news and they could see her laying on the road. :( They cried for a bit but our 3 yr old really took it the hardest, he kept crying and asking where his sugar was. Dh tried to cheer him up and took him with him to do his farm chores but that only worked to distract him for a little while. He is doing much better today.
Dh left to get money to pay the hay guy while the kids and I worked out breakfast. As I sat by the fire I called for AR to get my cell as he had said something about going to his friend's house for a project. As I turned it back on I got 2 messages asking me to call my hubby. I figured he was talking and hadn't made it home yet, turns out he got stuck in a ditch trying to find our hay guys house. I got the kids in the Expedition and headed over to find him, he then called the hay guy. When I got there I was expecting to have to pull him out, only to realise he had called so I could spend the time with him. I was not very happy at that point, I left to get gas as there was practically none in the vehicle. As I turned the corner I saw the hay guy heading his way, and just as my tank finished being filled he called to find out where I was. He met me at the gas station and we went home.
I decided to start painting the walls while dh took a nap. I have now figured out why the previous owners used such a busy pattern on the walls. We haven't yet figured out how someone can put in such a beautiful fireplace and have such a crappy job done on the walls. Every seam is visible :( But it had to be done, so we are working through it and taking suggestions.
By Sunday evening I had a migraine and went to bed, there was no salvaging the weekend and frankly I just wanted to sleep off my headache. I was hoping that this would not spill over to this week but when I woke up it was 6 degree with a wind chill of 16 below zero, oh and the kids forgot to get my leggings in the wash. On the upside, my deductible is lower than I thought it was so I'll get back to you. In the mean time, I hope you had a much better weekend and a great week.


Phelan said...

geeze. I hope this week is better for you.

Theresa said...

Ditto :(