Monday, December 8, 2008

Respecting my time

Isn't it funny how a company can act as though they own you, just because you get a paycheck from them. Well last week I had planned out my work and at the last minute (isn't that always how it happens), on Thursday after 5pm, my boss piles on more work that has to be priority #1. I explained that it made no sense considering the other work I needed to do, but I was rebuffed. I opted not to go in this weekend as I had put in 2 12 hour days this week and frankly if I got sick they wouldn't care about how much time I spent only about the time I would not be in. My two days off were wonderfully relaxing and restful. I was amused to see on Sunday that they suddenly (management) realised that the work I had been going on about really did need to get done and they were emailing back and forth trying to see if I would be in on the weekend. NOPE!! The moral of the story is, if you respect the time of your employees then they will be far more willing to give you more of it. :) On a side note: Pray they don't decide to fire me once they get what they need. :(

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Theresa said...

UGH. I hate the corporate world. Hate Hate Hate. Fingers crossed, I never have to return.