Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And the hit's just keep on coming . . .

Last night we received a bill for $24K for HG's brief hospital visit, our insurance paid nothing. We called this morning and they (insurance CSR) said that they will resubmit the claim. Please pray that they will pay this and all the other bills that came in from that night. It's like a billing bandwagon, I have gotten so many from every possible medical payment processing between Kansas and Oklahoma. :( Thanks in advance.

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Kansas Mom said...

I will be praying the insurance company takes care of it! You never know. We didn't end up paying anything on First Daughter's bill (for her birth) after they had to rebill the insurance company. They applied the discount and then just subtracted the rest!

With whatever is left, be sure to call and ask for a payment plan. We've spread payments across an entire year before, without interest. They are usually very accommodating.

But we'll pray the bill is a LOT smaller!