Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My mom always says, "when things are going wrong, just start praising". I have decided that from this point forward that's what we'll be doing!!! So here is my list of praises from the last few days:
1. God's love and Grace is sufficient
2. Dh was not hurt in the accident
3. Our fireplace works
4. Our house suffered only cosmetic damage
5. Our dog Sammy survived
6. Our insurance agent is awesome and quick to respond
7. Dh's manager is understanding when he needs to call in for lack of sleep
8. All my samples have been submitted for approval
9. My sis and her hubby are always there for us
10. I have some great co-workers
11. We have food in our freezer
12. People are willing to help out in a pinch with great ideas
13. Our children are awesome and don't mind a smaller scale Christmas.
14. My mom had a great birthday yesterday :)
15. We both still have jobs in this tough economy

This is my opening list to kick this off, feel free to add your own praises to the list. :) God is good and He will provide.


Theresa said...

Your mom is brilliant. Remembering the blessings is in itself a gift.

lambechops said...

Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked your tour!