Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jesus take the wheel . . .

This morning I woke up to a cold winter morning. There was no snow at the farm and dh called to let me know to be careful as the roads in Wichita sounded like they were getting pretty bad. There was so little coming down I thought nothing of it. That is until I crossed the county line and saw several cars turned around, it took a while to stop my car but it wasn't that bad (or so I thought). Finally I realised that it was just an accident and moved on past it at a slower speed. There was only 1 truck infront of me and he was doing about 20, thinking nothing of it I attempted to pass him. The minute I attempted to slow down to change lanes is when it all went wrong. Immediately the car was spinning out of control, at first I thought I was going to hit the truck but I didn't, then the fear mounted as I realised I was spinning to the edge of the embankment and at that moment I was certain the car would flip over and down the hill. My only thought at that moment was "Jesus take the wheel", I didn't know else I could do, and it was then the car stopped. I could hardly believe it. I was sitting across the highway now and I looked behind me to realise that there was no traffic coming. Slowly I turned the car around and drove 20 the whole way to the office. I finally unclenched my hands from the steering once I got to the light to turn onto my street.

Thank you Jesus for sparing my life and that of my unborn child this day. AMEN.


Kansas Mom said...


I once spun out into the median of an interstate, with my sister next to me screaming into the phone. My dad, on the other end, must have thought he was listening to his two girls die.

He made us get off at the next exit and wait for him to drive up and follow us home.

Again I say, Amen!

Theresa said...

Amen. Thank God you and the baba are ok.