Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crokpot Yogurt

I mentioned that I was trying out the crockpot yogurt the other night, it was delicious. The kids loved it. I got a little 2 qt crockpot and halved the recipe but wanted to share a few thoughts. They neglected to mention the skin that forms on the top of the milk while it is "sitting" and then the skin that forms on the top of the yogurt. The consistency is closer to slime and it is surprising when the taste gets to your mouth because it is definitely yogurt at that point. I'm not the adventurous type so I taste nothing until my testers have approved it, and it was a very clear 2 thumbs up all around. I will try the thickening methods recommended and get back to you. AR commented that it was similar to the Dannon Danimals yogurt drinks, I may get the blender and capitalise on that :) I added 1 table spoon of sugar and almost 24oz of sliced strawberries in sugar. That seems to have been the perfect mix as it provided the best taste. Try it let me know what you think. :)


Kansas Mom said...

Did you add the fruit and sugar in the crockpot or just before serving? First Son won't eat any yogurt. First Daughter didn't like the homemade stuff. Kansas Dad and I ate it (so yummy with granola) and I used it a lot in baking.

Not that it matters now, because I still don't have a working crockpot.

Janelle said...

The fruit and sugar were added just before serving. If first son and daughter like smooties then the fully blended version should be right up their alley.

Kansas Mom said...

I think they would like smoothies very well! Unfortunately, I broke the glass jar part of our blender and we haven't replaced it yet. We can order it online for a small fee but have just neglected to do so! Too bad I can't get the blender part and the crockpot at the same place.