Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Difficult lessons and close calls

This morning we woke up to find that Valentine was listless, her breathing was shallow and we couldn't even get her mouth open to give her the bottle. :( I told dh to take her to Marian, it seemed to be my natural response as she is her mother. Marian sniffed the calf and went on her way. Sweetiepie and Quinn stayed with her. DH left to take AR to school and I left for work. Immediately I called the doctor in the city to see what time they opened and if they could get her in. God's grace was upon us and the doctor was already there (before 8am) and would see her right away.

She was loaded up onto the front seat of the expedition as dh drove as fast as he could. Exhaustion was a factor and directions made little sense but eventually he found the place. The dr gave her a shot as he was concerned that she maybe coming down with pneumonia and she was a little dehydrated. Dh explained that she was not drinking the water that we put out for her and the dr gave him some electrolytes to be administered via feeding tube. We will also be getting a goat nipple for the bottle to see if she prefers the softer texture (didn't know they existed). She will get another shot in the morning and will move from 3 feedings to 4 (depending on how much we can get her to take each time). Overall she was in good condition but there is some concern that she may have water on the brain (genetic condition), but we'll be keeping an eye on it for now.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that she is alright. We will have to find some kind of balance for the next calves born on the farm. Valentine is our first baby on the farm and much like a first child we feel such terrible guilt if we aren't able to anticipate her every need to keep her safe and healthy. I imagine this will be a very long learning process, hopefully we'll be on the right side of the learning curve and can make sure there isn't a next time. :(


Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Were you able to take her home or is she staying at the doctors? I hope all goes well with the shots - sounds like you've got her in good hands.

Janelle said...

She was allowed to come home, though I just got off the phone with dh and he said she was shaking and kicking - kind of like a seizure. :( He pulled over and called the doctor and the doctor said that she might be trying to die. :( She was calm again when I spoke to him and he will be getting her blankets to keep her warm.

Phelan said...

Hope she gets better soon. Keep us updated.

JLB said...

Sounds like you're doing everything you can for her. Good call taking her in to a vet right away. :) I hope she does better. Good luck!