Friday, February 27, 2009

Scorched Earth

Dh is a trash burning enthusiast, at least that's what I've decided. There is only one problem with my little pyro, he looses interest and leaves his fire unattended eventually. I got home last night to see his trash barrel burning and he was no where to be found, I was a bit concerned as it was sitting right next to the expedition and it was very windy. I called him and he moved it a few feet, then told me he wasn't in the mood for another fire today. I didn't think much of it given his history of occasionally setting a bit of grass on fire now and then, nothing major. Then I walked in the front door and HG announces that the firemen had had to come out this evening when daddy set a big patch of the grass on fire, right by the house!!! There are days I think I will get home to find the yard much like the picture above (without the mountains of course, since I live in the land of the plains). :(


JLB said...

Well you got me there, my hubby is so anti fire that I have to haul the garbage into town because he wont let me have a burn barrel to burn stuff even on calm days *rolls eyes*

Kelle said...

When we first moved here my Dh burned pile after pile of rubble weekend after weekend. A few months later we attended the local Fireman's Chili Feed. The fire chief approach my Dh and asked if he'd be interested in joining their volunteer dept, after all he already knew he was a pyromaniac(SP?) This afforde us the use of bringing home fire trucks when we burn brush piles or our ditches, much safer!

PlainCatholic said...

Praying that your husband will see the danger of this and be vigilant.