Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pregnancy and garden update

I want to thank everyone for keeping us in their prayers. We miss her terribly and the shock really hasn't quite worn off.

In other news, I went for my check up and discovered that my due date has been moved up a week. I also discovered that even though I have kept my weight gain within 5 pounds thus far, I will not be able to deliver at the birth center as my height and weight are not within their guidelines (Read: I'm too fat) :( My glucose test came back normal, the ultra sound revealed that the placenta had moved up and is no longer an issue, my blood pressure is good and overall things are looking good. Keep praying that baby will move head down as she is in a transverse position. We are still waiting to hear from cardiology about the echo and the heart monitor results.

Our sweet hay guy came by while dh was off picking up AR from school and began burning our garden area. The kids and dh were really thrilled by the big tractor as it tilled the ground. They all desperately wanted to ride on the thing, lol. When he was done he wished dh good luck, both men think the garden area is quite large and are wondering how it will all get done. To be honest it is smaller than I'd hoped but I was not home to give directions. I am told by my dear friend Stacy that I will be able to fit a lot more than I imagine, I'll take her word for it :) A few things have been started and are getting and are waiting in the pantry. Dh is looking to get some rakes and we will go smooth the ground as suggested. Stacy pointed me to an awesome garden planning blog. Here is the pic from her blog: (click on image to view larger)

I had hoped to use this a my guide but I think I will need to work up to this plan:

All in all, farm life moves on weather we are ready for it to or not. Friday is the yoder auction and we hope to pick up the rest of the chickens we will need to get us through the year, for eggs, replacements and meat. We will also be picking up a Jersey bull calf while there for AR to raise and for us to produce pure bred Jerseys.


JLB said...

Thanks for the family of 4 planner that will help alot! One problem I see with the plot map is the raspberry and blackberry placement, those things spread like wildfire and need room to expand or you'll spend all your time digging the new sprouts up. Great that everything is going good so far with the baby. I hope things do continue to go good and that it does get into the right position.

Janelle said...

JLB I saw that too, I haven't quite figured out where to move the blackberries but I really like the general plan and hope to have something similar, it's just so expensive to do all at once, it is definately a several years plan. :)