Thursday, February 5, 2009

No it's not Halloween

We don't even celebrate that specific "event" at our home or anywhere else for that matter. No, we do love the after sale at wally world though, it is an awesome way to stock up the play clothes box. It's amazing how many variations can come from a handful of costumes. In the end they were exhausted and went to bed early.

She was a bit upset that SL wouldn't hand over his sword, lol. Excuse the dirty face, it seems to be a permanent affliction :( More on that later . .


Kansas Mom said...

You know, I had never thought to buy costumes after Halloween for dress up. I will definitely try to set aside some budget money for that next year!

Kansas Dad likes your farming posts best, but I'm a sucker for pictures, especially of your sweet kids!

Janelle said...

The costumes cost a total of $2.50 as they were $0.50 a piece by the time we picked them up. They usually have most of their pieces but not all, the knight outfit that HG has on was supposed to come with a silver helmet, but it was missing. The kids don't care about that, they have fun in them all the same :)

You guys interested in doing chickens yet? If so, there is a chicken auction at the end of the month. Email me for details. :)