Saturday, February 14, 2009

We got Chicks :)

A fun filled Valentine's day to you :) Today we made a trip to Atwoods to see if they still had the onion bulbs and seed potatoes on sale (turns out they did, YAY!!) While there we heard the wonderful chirps of the 4 day old chicks and fell in love. This year we will have many chickens to help stock the freezer and lay some eggs for the house and a few for sale. We opted not to get the pullets (nicely priced at $2.59 a piece since they are guaranteed to be female) but instead took a roll of the dice and will wait and see how many hens and roosters come up :) We got 7 rocks and 5 yellow ones (I believe they are Cornishes), lol. All in all we are thrilled to have them, the kids a having fun naming them; we suggested names like drumstick. :)


Theresa said...

Oh how cute!!

Janelle said...

Aren't they :) The kids just love being around them, lol.