Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My little guy

A few weeks ago we noticed that one of SL's testicles was swollen (sorry guys). A quick trip to the doctor and the local surgeon revealed that he had a hydrocele and that they would need to do a perform surgery to drain it. The date was set and we have since been counting down the days. It is tough counting down to your 3 year old going under the knife :( We get a call this morning and apparently they (the doctor and surgeon) have decided that it is not cost effective to order the equipment needed to operate on a child. I am not a happy camper!! Now we have to see if the hospital in Wichita can take him. UGH!!!! Yet another long trek to and from Wichita :(


Kathleen said...

uggg - where was this - Oklahoma? Sorry Janelle

Theresa said...

I hope everything goes well. I know it can't be easy. He is adorable though!