Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beware the Mother's Act

Ok,I'm not really an alarmist by nature, I can take most things in stride. This however is just plain ridiculous. HR 20 or the Mother's Act, is yet another government intervention that is likely well intentioned but will miss the mark. :( Now I'm not a fan of Ron Paul but given his experience as an OB, I give a bit more weight to his words on this matter.

A sweeping government policy for all new births in the United States has just passed the House of Representatives and is now headed to the Senate. The Mother's Act, if passed, will mandate that all new mothers be screened by means of a list of subjective questions that will determine if each mother is mentally fit to take their newborn home from the hospital. Just imagine that after your child is born, you are told that you can't take them home since a multiple choice questionnaire wasn't answered correctly. Just imagine being told that the only way you can take your child home is if you or your spouse goes into treatment or on anti-depressants which we know causes psychosis, delusions, and even homocidal thoughts. It just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, this bill is on a fast track--No public debate, no public disclosure of the broad impact on our society and that is why we need you to act now!

The Mother's Act violates our Constitutional right to privacy and your right to liberty and it is just outright dangerous. That is why we need you to help stop this. We urgently need you to call and email each Senator on the HELP Committee and tell them you STRONGLY OPPOSE the MOTHER'S ACT and that you are OUTRAGED that there was NO public debate or disclosure on the impact this would have on our society as a whole.

Ron Paul has a link to the actual document and ways to Take action here


Amy said...

That's ridiculous.

I was not a fan of the new administration to start with. It seems all they want to do is rob us of our rights.

Signed the letter and sent it off to other people. Do you mind if I link your post to my blog?

Janelle said...

Please do, thanks Amy.