Friday, April 3, 2009

He ALWAYS provides :)

Have I told you lately how funny God is? No? Well, HE is. Dh has been wanting the really warm jumpsuits that they sell at Wallyworld but they were so expensive. Last week we were excited to see them marked down to $25, but then found ourselves unable to afford it. We were bummed :( When payday rolled around we were excited again, until we got there and found that they were sold out. :( I got a call from Dh on his way home from work and he immediately proclaimed, "Today is a great day, God is good". Half asleep, I agreed and attempted to go back to sleep, but he kept talking. Turns out they got more of the jumpsuits in an marked them down yet again to $15 and the warm jackets were marked down from $35 to $11, he got both :) Now he can finish out the "Swing" season and put them up for next winter as planned. :)

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