Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chickens Day Out: Farewell Stubby (Tina)

Stubby, AKA Tina as she later came to be known, died this afternoon. She was a much loved chick that never developed with her fellow chicks. She had no toes and walked precariously on her little nubs. The others always made sure not to squish her when the twice daily food free-for-all would ensue. It was sweet really.

We took the chicks on their first visit outside, so that they could try out the free range concept. The compost pile we started when we were pig-less was coming in nicely and they got right to work. It was great that there was a ton of old firewood from the owners past, with lots of little bugs etc. Anyway, Tina got out there and was having a blast with the rest, then we noticed that she wasn't around.

We found her half alive waiting for the end behind one of the pieces of wood. DH picked her us so the kids could say their respective good-byes. Not long after she was gone. Maybe it was the fresh air? :(

Later we rounded up the group, an adventure in and of itself, and brought them back in as the temperature will not be warm enough to keep them outside. We will attempt minor repairs on the chicken coop with available materials and make a list of items needed to be bought.

On the upside, Sammy did a wonderful job staying away from the chicks. He was initially curious but after an initial talking to, he went off to play as usual. I am so proud of him.

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Amy said...

I am so sorry to her about lossing Tina! So sad when we loss someone even if they do have feathers or fur. But at least you got to say goodbye and she knew love!