Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coop done and chickens relocated :)

When we moved here there was a very old chicken coop that needed some work. Yesterday evening, dh, the children and I went out to take care of it so the chickens could finally move out. Not that we didn't love having them around but the house began to protest because the smell. They even managed to kill the fan we were using to vent the room. I digress. We got some ready set cement for the crack in the foundation, we used chicken wire on the windows and boarded us the holes on the bottom as they no longer had doors. The roof was tarped and wood and metal added as we found pieces. It's not perfect/pretty but it's functional. The chickens see to like it and will spend the week adjusting to their new home. As we get more money together we will work on fencing off the free range area but for now we will have to do supervised free ranging. I am off to get a battery for the camera so pics will be up later :)

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