Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sears Kids Clothing Warranty

I was over at Kansasmom's blog and she mentioned returning her oldest son's jeans for new ones through a sears program called kidvantage. Now if you have boys you know that holes in the knees is the biggest problem with their clothing. It can happen within weeks of the purchase, leaving us moms frustrated and incredibly broke, have you seen the cost of those things!!! Anyway, given her success I decided to get more information about this program so that I could share it with all of you.

KidVantage® Club
KidVantage Membership

Becoming a member of our KidVantage® Club is easy. You can join this club by signing up at any register in your local full-line Sears store.

KidVantage Benefits

Every time you spend $100.00 on kids / infant clothing and kids / infant shoes, you will receive a coupon for 15% off your next kids / infant apparel purchase. The coupon is ready to use and is attached to the end of your receipt.

You will receive money-saving offers throughout the year.

The KidVantage® Club offers the Wear Out Warranty. When your baby grows up and your kids clothing or kids shoes wear out before they are out grown, Sears will replace them for free.

The KidVantage® program is not available online. This program is only offered through our retail stores.

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Isn't that wonderful? Well I can tell you that they will be getting my business from now on, I'd much rather spend the few extra dollars up front and have an option to get a new pair, than save it now and spend the money twice or more down the road.


Kansas Mom said...

Thanks for the link! This is the first time I've used the guarantee and I was so pleased at how easy it was. At the register, I just said I wanted new jeans, gave her the old ones, and she said go ahead and pick them up. She rang them up for free and I walked out the door. (Well, then I went back and bought some more for the fall, which just goes to show how happy I was with them.)

Thena said...

I have always loved Sears clothes. They seem to last longer than the cheaper brands. I've never had to return any of them.

MARILYN said...

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