Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kansas weather and stuff

Can you believe it is April and we got a nice hard freeze last night :( We don't have propane till this weekend and 4 of our chicks didn't make it out of the huddle :( I really love spring but I wish it wasn't so short, once we get past this funky weather we will quickly hit summer and the heat is so horrible. I know, I know, I grew up on an island and am complaining about warm weather. But it's not the same I tell ya. I don't remember it being so hot that even the breeze was burning hot, that might have to do with the ocean all around vs this land locked state, but I choose not to acknowledge that. A hammock seems almost useless here as the summer is so uncomfortably hot, but then comes Autumn and it begins to cool again. I like Autumn :)

In other news the mobile home is paid off :), though not yet sold :( so until then we are broke and trying to keep it all going. It feels like we are constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul and then trying desperately to keep our heads above water. I need our garden to do well this year, it doesn't have to be terrific, but it needs to be enough to get us through the summer and maybe, just maybe we will be caught up. It used to be that we'd catch up using out tax refund but this year that money went to payoff the mobile home. We also don't use state medical so the medical bills have . . . they are overwhelming to say the least.

School starts back today and I really need an A in this class. I only have 2 classes after this one to graduate but boy does it seem like that day will never come. Pray that my health keeps up as I cannot afford to take time off of work or school. Well, that's all for now. How are things with you?


Amy said...

Hope the garden does well for you!

I'll be counting on mine this year too

Tracy said...

Praying for you to get through this time -- praise that you got the mobile home paid off! Yay!

What classes are you taking?

Anonymous said...

I really like autumn too Janelle! ;o) You really should think about moving up to Alberta, our summer is a lot like your autumn. :o)

Good for you about the mobile home being paid off. 'Sorry it didn't sell yet.

Rebecca~ Mom to 8, 5boys 3girls +1

Janelle said...

Thanks ladies :)

Tracy, I am currently doing my MBA through University of Phoenix.

Rebecca, Alberta sounds like a great place to spend summers, now about that winter/snow stuff, lol :)