Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweet Basil

Today was our team lunch at Sweet Basil. It was a really nice little restaurant and the food was delicious. Now, to be fair I am the worse person to take to a buffet as I never have more than one plate and have no desire for desert. For most restaurants with a buffet, I am their customer/critic nightmare, I don't mind. :) The plate had a bit of the fresh fruit, fresh salad, garlic Parmesan toast, teriyaki chicken and some fettuccine with garlic and basil. There were other options but the plate was full and so they didn't make the draft :) Everything was wonderful!!! The atmosphere was great and by the silence at our table, I could tell that we all enjoyed the meal. Many went back for seconds and the desert looked delicious. If you happen to find yourself in the NE Wichita area, I would definitely recommend their lunch buffet, moderately priced at $7.95 per adult and half price for kids 2 - 11. I wonder if I can convince dh to take there for dinner sometime . . . :)

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