Thursday, January 1, 2009


We are just sleeping in today and watching a couple movies. We really don't do resolutions but we have decided that this year we will not miss a single weekend of Mass, no matter how far we have to drive to get there. We will be butchering one of our pigs in the upcoming weeks, there will be pictures, consider this your warning :) This year we will push our farm to new levels and test our commitment to this homesteading journey. There will be much gardening and canning to come, pray for strength. We will also be welcoming a new member of our family to the mix, and while we hope to have a homebirth, we are preparing for the possibility of a hospital birth (the ultra sound revealed that the placenta is low-lying at this time). Keep us in your prayers and we pray that you and your families have a wonderful and blessed 2009.

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jayedee said...

happy new year to you too!
i hope 2009 just blesses you to pieces!
btw, i have a spring seed giveaway going over at my blog-

stop by and check it out, if you'd like!