Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life is hilarious!!!

So we were finally able to get the only guy in town to come look at our gas line situation. Seriously, while I love spending the time cooped up in my room with my children, there are only so many stews they will eat before the mutiny begins. Anyway, so he gets there and we are so very thankful that the line is not run through the cellar. He turns on the gas and wonders around the house for a bit, then says that he's not smelling anything. He goes off to the tank to check there to make sure it is not underground, then he looks baffled. According to his gauge, there is no leak. That's right folks, I am not kidding, there is no leak. He is convinced that it was merely a faulty gauge. The guy from the coop comes out and puts his gauge on and he too is not showing a leak, when I get home there will be hot water, and a fully functional stove, and heat to dry my clothes and heat to warm my home!!!!! YAY!!!!! Told you life is hilarious. Praise GOD!!!

Side note: The heating guy mentioned to dh that our oldest was in the newspaper this week, front page!! Turns out he won an award, he never even mentioned it, he's really funny too.

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