Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pig Adventures: Part 11

We came home from a quick trip to Medford to see if they had any fun things to buy, I really like the owner of the little store. Anyway, since it was only 6:30pm I figured we would take the pig to get weighed before the big day on Sunday. Dh backed the trailer up to the back of the barn and removed the bricks. Just as he got back in the expedition to back up into the barn the pigs came running out. Personally this was not a surprise but he was very irritated that they didn't stay put.

It was dark now and we were once again attempting to round up animals with no real light, brilliant. :( I jumped in the Focus to attempt to bring more light and help keep the little darlings from the road, that was a fun task, not! Anyway we finally got them back in the barn and then they snuck out through a hole in the side, uggh!! This went on for a while, don't ask. Anyway, we finally got them back in their area and we decided to attempt to lasso one for the weighing. This was just as fun as the last time we attempted lassoing one of the bulls. The only difference is that pigs are shorter and the weight is really dense or maybe that's just how it feels since this is so recent, whatever. Anyway, my dh quickly discovered that unlike a bull calf, he had no leverage and it pulled him instead.

I figured I was probably in the same weight class as Miss meat and offered my services. A determined pig is one heck of a fighter, geez that girl is strong. We had to move her an inch at a time to make any headway and fight off her protective sisters. They were not pleased with this new development and were determined to stay together. Once she was finally out and they were locked in we had to get her to the trailer, which was not conveniently parked. We get her there and she refuses to use the little ramp dh put together, she had no intention of going without a fight to the bitter end. With Dh and I in the trailer we found ourselves at a stalemate, she was not budging, even with AR swatting her on the butt.

I tied her off on the outside of the trailer and we tried to lift her, still nothing. Dh got a brilliant idea and the next thing I knew he returned from the barn holding the extension cord, still a little fuzzy on the plan I just watched as he tied the cord around her backside, then I got it. He took the front and I took the back and in less than 2 minutes she was in the trailer, scrambling to get back on her feet. I jumped out the side door and locked the back, or at least I thought I did. I forgot the pin :( Dh still had a good hold on her so I was able to put the pin in without further incident.

I have no idea how we will get the whole butchering thing done, I cannot imagine that she will be much lighter as dead weight, though it will be a little easier without the fighting. Miss Meat's final adventure will be here soon but until then she has a new home in my trailer, because I'm not fighting with her to get back out.

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