Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend 1 successful :)

Well this was the first weekend of 2009 and while my dryer is not very cooperative we made it to Mass, and were actually better than just "on time". The children were all very well behaved and the homily was wonderful. We were not able to make Mass at our local Church, but as I mentioned that is no longer criteria in our weekend Church attendance :) It is very different going from a large church that offers 7 weekend Masses to a tiny church that offers 2 on a good weekend. In fact the confession schedule is all of 15 minutes long. I would feel awkward having to schedule more than 1 session, lol ;)

In other news, I woke up at 1:30am at the sound of my cows mooing, you might remember that I discovered that that is a bad thing. Anyway, I woke dh and he went out to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out he forgot to re-open the arena gate to let the calves back in to the barn area. Poor Christmas was in desperate need of relief from her calf, hehe. I wonder how she'd feel about taking a trip to the stanchion instead :) Sweetiepie was not happy about the situation either and bolted out the gate and was under mama to nurse for the night. Poor baby. She's getting so big, and her cute little horns are coming in.

Marian is on calf watch as she is 8 months pregnant by the original owners information. We are really excited to have our first newborn :) We plan to separate them after the first week and bottle feed the calf. Ah the joys of farm life, this new year promises the birth of 3 calves and 1 baby, the excitement is mounting :)

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PlainCatholic said...

Such joyful anticipation and blessing! God bless you all abundantly!