Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The wedding pics

OK so that is a bit misleading, there is only 2 pics and neither is very good. In my defense the good camera was broken and we only had a disposable being operated by the 10 year old. :)


As I may have mentioned, our weddings are informal affairs, even Fr Mike was "dressed" for the occasion, lol.


Michelle said...

Hey, nothing wrong with informal weddings. Leaves more money for the honeymoon. :)

Janelle said...

Ours is not so much a wedding as it is a annual renewal of our vows, though it is never done on the same date, lol.

Theresa said...

Annual renewal? How beautiful! You have such a wonderful marriage.

Kathleen said...

Janelle, Fr. Mike was parish priest for my aunt and uncle. He brought my uncle into the church, then buried them there in Medford. Tell him hello from the Ed and Mildred Meyer family.

Love the renewal pics. What a neat idea.