Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Managing my stress load and stuff

As many of you know I am a busy mama, in light of the recent health issues I decided to try to lighten my load. I had just started a class 2 days before I was in the ER so it seemed like the logical thing to drop since it is a 6 week class and they can be really intense. Well I will have to find something else to drop, the school has no policy for giving incomplete, nor do they have any kind of medical leave that would allow me to drop the class without being charges for the entire week. The financial aid counsellor told me that it would be best to try to work something out with my professor. My academic counsellor (very nice lady), will be scheduling time between my classes so that I am not having to take 24 weeks of stress. I know you must be thinking that it's only 24 weeks but to be honest, I really just cannot do it right now.

Anyway, since I do have a little more energy I plan to work on making some butter. EE's bus driver is interested in buying some and I'm interested in building a clientele. :) My darling mother (thanks to the persuasive powers of my sister) has gifted me her mixer and I am positively thrilled, that thing has every attachment and it was bought in 1974, lol. It is amazing how little the technology has changed during that time for that industry. Anyway, I am really excited to start using the meat grinder, I remember vividly watching her try new things to get us to eat healthy. Her favorite was ground liver, YUCK!!

Winter is such a lazy time of year for me, I would much rather hibernate than work, but I'm sure there are things I should be doing in preparation for Spring. I'm working on making a list, feel free to offer suggestions :) Well I'd better get back to my paper, pray I get through this class with a B or better :)

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Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Janelle ~ Hey!! You might not remember me, but we spent a day together in McPherson at a chess tournament for our kiddos. We go to SFA. I had been wondering what happened to you guys and Tammy Bascha said you'd moved out of town. I had no idea you were homesteading! And, I found you because I met Phelan ~ she has your Lott (or had?). Anyway, it's just so nice to see you guys are doing GREAT! And, congrats on baby #6. We are working on homesteading in our backyard, and we're developing a 3 year plan to leave the city and move out to acres. I'll definitely be following your blog and if possible, I'd like to invite myself over. lol Sorry, I'm like that! Cole, my youngest son, has joined 4H and is just so wanting to get moved to a farm he can't stand the wait. I know he'd like to see your pigs and cows, but I understand if you're not up to tours. :) Hope you're feeling good and not stressing!! Take care of yourself!!