Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bovine Sibling Rivalry

Well it is odd but Sweetiepie has been acting up for a few weeks now and I suspected it was because her mama was coming close to birthing her competition. During the birth she mooed constantly and acted out, escaping the fence to get mama's attention and having to be locked down. Once Christmas gave birth she was not content to be a silent observer, Lot and Christmas were all over little May and she was not having it. Once we opened up the pasture to the cows, Sweetiepie spent her day up against the fence making sure that she was not forgotten. It's kind of cute really. I spoke with Patti Adams of Kansas Dexters and she told me that this was really normal, in fact it is not uncommon to have to separate an older sibling to prevent improper imprinting. I was looking at some old (last year) pics and May is the splitting image of Sweetiepie. I will post their 2 day old pics side by side this weekend, it's uncanny. Lot and Christmas will have lots of dun babies together :) Though it makes you wonder if she ever feels like she wishes just one of her babies could look like her?

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