Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fair Warning

This afternoon we began processing our chickens, we are going to be spreading the job over several days as we have a big group. We have opted not to use the traditional gutting and defeathering method as it is far more time consuming and frankly I don't make broth or stock so there is no real point. I know it is less frugal but . . . anyway, we are using the skinning method that is available for preview on the sidebar: How to process a chicken in 20 minutes or less. I would definitely recommend this method to a beginner. ;) Anyway, there will be pics tomorrow so if you can't handle it, consider this your fair warning. :)

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Anonymous said...

you don't need to make stocks or broth, but you can surely use the remaining "stuff" to make your own dog/cat food! don't waste it!