Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A year ago today

We signed the papers for our little farm. As I sit here listening to Sammy bark at who knows what, I remember the joy that filled us and the anxious feeling that carried through till it was all done at 4pm. God is great, His love is endless and His grace is sufficient. I wish you every blessing this fine day and pray that neither your house nor mine, be disrupted by chaos. :)

On a side note, our well pump is having some issues, and we are going to have to have someone out to take a look. Please pray that whatever the problem, it is one that can be easily (read: cheaply = cost, not quality) be repaired/replaced. :)

Oh and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SWEETIEPIE!!! She was our first calf:)


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Happy Anniversary!!! What an adventure :)