Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Dh arrived home this morning to find tiny little hooves sticking out the back of Christmas. He ran in and asked for the camera, which is code for "get up we're having a calf" :) I got up and found her at the same point, figuring that she probably didn't want to birth in the barn I asked dh to open up the arena for them. She was thrilled and began to graze while laboring. She kept looking at us and I realised that we might be the problem. At this point we'd called every cow person we could think of to make sure that everything was going as it should. Dh went about the regular chores and I went inside. The kids were so excited. After working on chicken water and setting them free to free range, he ran into the house to announce that the calf was on the ground, YAY!!! He grabbed the camera and set off to get pics, the kids and I could hardly contain ourselves. We jumped into the car and drove over to the arena fence to see what we could see and there she was laying on the ground being cleaned up. Lot was so cute, as all first time father's are. He even came to help clean her up and help her get up and walking around. It took a little while but soon she was up and moving. Christmas kept her walking in circles as she tried to get a hold of a teet. Finally she was able to latch-on and baby and mama are doing very well. On a complete side note, Dh was able to get up close and personal with mama and baby as he took her out some grain and she let him take a closer look at the calf. She is to be called May. :) Check out the slide show below:


Anonymous said...

Congrats! =)

Katidids said...

Congrats! Looks so sweet, it amazes me how quickly they grow!